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Global Brands Group Wins Egypt Partner of the Year Award for 2024

Global Brands Group has been honored with the Egypt Partner of the Year Award for 2024, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.

Global Brands Group Wins Egypt Partner of the Year Award for 2024
Global Brands Group Wins Egypt Partner of the Year Award for 2024

Global Brands Group has been honored with the Egypt Partner of the Year Award for 2024, a testament to their unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation within the industry. This recognition underscores the relentless efforts and commitment of the entire Global Brands team.

The accolade comes as a result of Global Brands Group’s significant contribution to delivering a cutting-edge AI solution for a public sector client in Egypt, utilizing OpenAI Azure technology. This innovative system enabled the client to achieve a remarkable 90% reduction in operational time, drastically reducing error rates and ensuring over 95% effectiveness in minimizing human errors. The solution notably enhanced the efficiency of their deducing and sorting procedures.

Tailored AI Solution and Technology

Global Brands Group’s custom solution leveraged the power of AI, integrating rule-based and AI-based engines to create a robust system tailored for their client. The core of the solution is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, meticulously refined over several years for handling Arabic text. This sophisticated solution consists of several key components working in tandem to deliver optimal results:

  • NLP Engine: Specially designed for preparing input data for segmentation.
  • Smart Text Correction Engine: Corrects spelling mistakes and splits concatenated words as needed.
  • Segmentation Engine:
    • Entities Extraction Engine: Extracts all target entities required for segmentation.
    • Rule-Based Engine: Applies specific rules to the data to extract unique information for segmentation.
    • Deep Learning Engine: Utilizes AI to enhance the accuracy of segmentation.

This comprehensive solution has been instrumental in eliminating error margins, significantly reducing the time required for operations, and rewarding data warehousing efforts with a simple, accurate solution that delivers results with just a few clicks.

Eng. Hisham Said concluded, “Our solution is a game-changer for the industry. It eliminates inefficiencies and human errors, providing our clients with a reliable and efficient tool that transforms their operations.”

With this award, Global Brands Group continues to solidify its position as a leader in technological innovation and excellence in the global market.

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