Global Brands Group holds many responsibilities towards the community it serves. In an effort to strengthen the bonds with this community and to help guide young minds towards brighter paths, Global Brands Group now offers its very own Internship Program to aspiring young graduates in the fields of computer science and IT.

Global Brands Group’s varied assortment of connections, services and partners enables interns to learn a great deal about this field of work, as well as discover more about themselves and their capabilities.

Internship Application Process 

In order to apply to Global Brands Group’s Internship Program, interested graduates must submit the necessary data in the form at the end of this page. The internship takes place during July, August and September; interns must apply any time before then. 

Accepted interns will then go through an online onboarding session, followed by assignment to their relevant technical business unit according to the HR department’s assessment of their technical skills. From then on, each intern will go through a personalized journey of experience and expertise. Various tasks and challenges set forth by the company and each intern’s direct manager will put them in a continuous state of learning, adapting and overcoming. It’s not just a matter of picking up vital technical and professional skills; the opportunity to learn more valuable interpersonal skills is always a priority throughout the program. 

Towards the end of the internship, interns will be placed in the Area of Development stage, in which their supervisors will more thoroughly assess and build on their capabilities. 

Work, Learn and Grow with GBG Today

A brighter future awaits those who start their career journey the right way. An internship with Global Brands Group puts you in line with its vision: to be the most customer-centric digital transformation partner in the region. The skills and experiences you will gain will grant you the innovation, values and resourcefulness you need to be the best version of yourself in this promising field. 

Internship Specifics 

  • This internship is unpaid. 
  • This internship will take place entirely online; interns will work from home. 
  • This internship runs throughout July, August and September of each year. 
  • Completion of this internship necessitates a thorough evaluation from the intern’s direct manager. 
  • Those who pass this evaluation with a good rating will gain a certificate of completion from Global Brands Group. 
  • Upon completion of the program, interns are given a priority in hiring at Global Brands Group if vacancies at the company allow for it.  

Please fill out this form in order to be eligible for a powerful internship position with one of the region’s premier IT service providers.  


Global Brands Group has been inaugurated with an inventive spirit, and this spirit continues to guide us through our journey. Ever- listening and -answering to industry shifts and demands, GBG grows, transforms and caters to an ever-expanding customer base.