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Whether it’s with employees or clients, engagement is key in driving business revenue. But keeping tabs on an entire organization’s communication and assets is time-consuming.

We believe that efficiency stems from powerfully functional IT tools. No matter your scale or industry, our development products can be tailored to seamlessly support, optimize, and educate your stakeholders.


You can never underestimate the importance of an organization’s internal support structure. Our power app allows enterprises to provide sustainable support and information via a comprehensive helpdesk ecosystem, leaving no question unanswered.

  • Prioritize Tasks
    When you’re juggling what can feel like a million workflows at once, tasks and requests pile up very quickly. Our tickets and requests management service, TickHelp Solution, is an all-in-one helpdesk system that collects and tracks every department’s requests, enabling you to manage them from creation through resolution.
  • Get to Answers Fast
    You don’t need your team to have to solve the same problem every time, if someone has already found a solution. TickHelp includes a user-friendly knowledgebase to enable users to search for resolutions, before they submit a ticket.
  • Enjoy Full Integration
    TickHelp is an omnichannel helpdesk, fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, where users can initiate tickets directly. It also includes an Assets Directory to facilitate ticket resolution.
  • Leverage the Power of AI
    TickHelp leaves no stone unturned, utilizing the potential of artificial intelligence through refined chatbot features to increase department productivity. Log, triage, track, communicate, and assure the quality of your work, with AI on your side.

IT Asset Management

Our AssetCap empowers IT departments to keep an up-to-date record of all your hardware and software within the enterprise. Such includes software licenses, devices, servers, switches, accessories, consumables, predefined Kit, and more. A one-glance dashboard provides an accessible overview of items that have been checked-in, checked-out, recently updated, or deleted. AssetCap can be integrated with LDAP and SAML and allows total management of notifications.

Manage Backups from administration GUI and get activity reports, audit reports, depreciation reports, license reports, asset maintenance reports, unaccepted assets reports, and accessory reports. Customize security with granular user roles restricting access, CSRF protection using form tokens, one-way secure password hashing with bcrypt, encrypted fields secured via AES-256 encryption via OpenSSL, cookie options, and more.

Plus, easily assign individual seats of the license to a user or asset or compile a collection of items and assign them together at once. AssetCap also enables you to generate QR codes for easy mobile access and labeling, and set notifications for expiring warranties and licenses so you can stay on top of all IT assets.

Corporate Learning & Development (L&D)

Our Learning and Development (L&D) App allows organizations to organize course and training plans from start to finish entirely. Users have access to an evolving database of courses and training materials in various career skills, and it is possible to customize the process of training, from allocating trainees and course materials to rounds and sessions, reminders, and tracking. The app also gives trainees access to attendance surveys and polls.

Administrators can access detailed reports for results, feedback, and expected course ROI. Setup is hassle-free and allows customization for all course tracks and training programs so you can tailor the learning experience for your participants. Our intuitive and user-friendly interface provides all trainees with the necessary prerequisites, information, and plan, so they have the resources to plan ahead. Create adaptable and tailored courses that are aligned with your company-specific goals, objectives, and evaluation metrics.


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