Network Solutions

Surveillance CCTV Solutions

Global Brands designs and implements customized intelligent video surveillance solutions that assess your operational capabilities.

We deliver industry-leading Hikvision cameras aimed at increasing security within your premises. Our solutions enhance situational awareness at every layer of your existing integrated security system.

Network Cameras

  • Including Hikvision AcuSense, ColorVu, DeepinView, Panoramic, Ultra, Special, Pro series.
  • Higher resolution images in all lighting conditions
  • Minimized storage and bandwidth
  • General video surveillance and video content analytics.

Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) Cameras

  • Including Hikvision high-end DF series network PTZ, AF series Turbo HD PTZ, PTZ positioning cameras, and traffic PTZ
  • Standalone solution or integrated with other cameras.

Explosion Proof & Anti-Corrosion Cameras

  • Explosion-proof Cameras
    • 3.5mm uses stainless steel housing
    • Continuous services in explosions and fire
    • Remote monitoring
    • Suitable for factories, chemical plants, and oil and gas stations
  • Anti-corrosion Cameras
    • 316L stainless steel
    • Resilient to salty sea air
    • Suitable for chemical, marine, naval, underwater, and other corrosive environments

Network Video Recorders (NVRs)

  • Bandwidth management and storage with H.265+ compression technology
  • Supports up to 32 MP resolution and 4K
  • RAID, N+1 hot spare, and ANR functions
  • Deep Learning units

Datacenter CCTV

  • Hikvision Datacenter CCTV and General-Purpose Server
  • Enhance situational awareness
  • Transform raw “security” data into “information”

Mobile Digital Video Recorders

  • Provides security on wheels
  • Including Value, Ultra, and Pro series

Mobile Network Video Recorders

  • Provides security on wheels
  • Including Pro and Ultra Series

Portable Products

  • Including Body Camera and Portable Camera Series

Mobile Enforcement Systems

  • Hikvision Mobile Traffic Enforcement Systems
  • Including intersection violation, checkpoint, smart surveillance, traffic flow, signal control, AID, entrance and exit management, and parking guidance systems

Mobile Network Cameras

  • High-quality imaging
  • Indoor and outdoor equipment

Video Intercom

  • Comprehensive Hikvision video intercom systems
  • Efficient two-way audio and video verification for entry control
  • Including high-performance IP-based products, analog-based products, and 2-wire products
  • Easy to manage and configure with iVMS-4200 platform
  • Mobile app remote control for IP and 2-wire video products
  • Easily integrated with existing CCTV and alarm systems


  • Hikvision Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems
  • Deep learning algorithms and GPU processors
  • Higher accuracy and performance
  • Suitable for implementing entrance security for schools, offices, and factories

Heat Mapping

  • Color-coded map identifies hotspots
  • Provide retailers with insights on store layout
  • Cost-effective as fewer cameras are required

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