Datacenter Modernization Solutions


Specializing in cloud solutions and IT experience of over 20 years, GBG's infrastructure solutions enable you to take the first steps towards datacenter modernization or hybrid cloud adoption.

We provide the below next-generation technology:


We supply and implement blade server solutions depending on your organization’s needs. A blade server is designed to overcome the space and energy restrictions of a typical data center. 
A single blade may consist of hot-plug hard drives, memory, network cards, input/output cards and integrated lights-out remote management. The modular design of the blade server helps to optimize server performance and reduce energy costs.


We help you manage increasing storage requirements with the digitalization of your business processes and data. Our team designs solutions that accommodate your capacity, budget, and performance needs.
Experience responsive, seamless, and intelligent storage infrastructures that render data protection, application availability, and continuous operations so that you can have peace of mind that your data assets are secured. We also offer Storage Area Network (SAN) storage, a secure high-speed data transfer network that provides access to consolidated block-level storage. A SAN makes a network of storage devices accessible to multiple servers, eliminating traditional network bottlenecks.


Whether it’s virtualization, disaster recovery, virtual desktop infrastructure, or high availability, GBG's datacenter modernization team is equipped with the technical experience and critical, innovative mindset to help you overcome any challenges.

Hyper-converged Infrastructure

GBG implements hyper-converged infrastructures that render unrivaled efficiency and performance. Our solutions reduce complexity, minimizes resource overhead, and decrease cost while also providing scalability, agility, automation, data protection, and flexible deployment. 
The benefit of your ICT systems' tighter integration and seamless operations is accomplished by abstracting the software intelligence from your hardware and virtualizing your compute, storage, and networking components.

Personal Computers and Client Devices

GBG teams up with internationally renowned brands to offer you a vast range of high-quality laptops and mobile work devices so you can stay connected at all times. Our portable technology renders your team the flexibility, efficiency, and convenience to effectively translate your investments into tangible revenue.

Through our certified partnerships, we bring you the following:

  • Dell Technologies:
    GBG is Dell's biggest partner in Egypt and has reaped numerous awards. We extend an extensive range of Dell solutions to you as an accredited Dell-EMC Titanium Partner and Dell Technologies' Break and Fix Service Partner in Egypt. Our large team of certified and experienced engineers can deploy any DELL solution at the customer’s end, including products in data storage, laptops, PCs, monitors, and workstations.

  • Lenovo:
    GBG is an accredited Lenovo Outstanding Corporate Business partner. We extend Lenovo's total technology ecosystems to our clients, including supplying PCs, tablets, monitors, workstations, laptops, and other devices. With Lenovo, we have significant opportunities to bring best-in-class products, solutions, and services to our customers to drive their businesses' mutual growth and profit.

  • New Era Technologies
    GBG works with New Era Technologies to deliver an array of premier solutions in hardware technology. Together, our offerings enable enterprise teams to work from home with suitable laptops, headsets, monitors, computer mouses, keyboards, and docking stations.

Need a bespoke IT solution for your business?

Start a complimentary and obligation-free 30-minute consultation with our business development engineers. Together, we’ll design an IT solution that suits your business operations and scale.

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