Datacenter Modernization Solutions

Global Brands recognizes
that modernized data centers are crucial in boosting IT efficiency, improving end-user experiences, and enhancing system reliability in a competitively evolving world.

Our Datacenter Modernization division possesses immense technical expertise to design bespoke solutions that can revolutionize your existing infrastructure. We gear your business processes with affordable, faster, scalable, higher performing, and simple-to-use technology so that you can better meet the demands of your industry.




Eliminate extra infrastructure silos, and leverage evolving cloud technology with consistent on-site software stacks using Microsoft’s advanced Datacenter SaaS offerings.



Reduce management burdens and excessive workloads with modern datacenter solutions using the latest scalable autonomy infrastructures and resource allocation.



Provide easy access to traditional and cloud-native applications with powerful operating models leveraging already existing investments and reduced TCO.

SQL Assessment Services

  • Preparation for an accelerated and smooth migration of SQL Server instances and databases to Azure SQL
  • Assess on-premises SQL Server instance(s) migrating to Azure SQL database(s) to detect and resolve migration blocking issues, partially supported or unsupported features, and discover compatibility issues such as breaking changes, behavior changes, and deprecated features that can affect upgrades
  • Identify new features in performance, security, and storage that can bring advantages after an upgrade
  • Migrate an on-premises SQL Server instance to a modern SQL Server instance hosted on-premises or Assess Azure virtual machine using VPN or other technologies to develop workflow schema of databases, data and users, server roles SQL Server and Windows logins

Managed Services

GBG’s team of certified experts works with you and your team to determine where you stand and how you can move forward digitally. Our Managed IT Services reduce your daily IT operations and management while preventing outages and protecting your data. We provide the following:

  • Remote health checks
  • Remote support
  • Centralized patching
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Predictable billing
  • 24/7 network monitoring

VMWare on Azure

  • Seamlessly move VMware-based workloads
  • Integrate existing VMware environment with Azure
  • Scale, automate, and quick provisioning
  • Modernize with native Azure management, security, and services


Specializing in cloud solutions and IT experience of over 20 years, GBG’s infrastructure solutions enable you to take the first steps towards datacenter modernization or hybrid cloud adoption. We provide the below next-generation technology:

  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Computing
  • Hyper-converged Infrastructure
  • Personal Computers and Client Devices
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End-User Computing

GBG works with CDW and TopTech to provide End User Computing and Mobile Device Management services. End-user computing allocates user resources from servers rather than from user devices, allowing better management and resource utilization.

Our End-User Computing technology supports user access and offers more flexibility while ensuring that your ICT systems’ security is not compromised. We tailor suitable bespoke solutions that enable your team to access data and applications from any location using any device so you can always stay ahead.



Business Continuity

GBG recognizes there that your data is your organization’s most valuable asset. We decipher your physical or virtual environments and assess your (RPO) and (RTO).

Subsequently, we deliver fully automated failover capabilities to make sure your risk of downtime is minimized and that entire business services can be restored quickly. We do this through the following:

  • High Availability
  • Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
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Software-Defined Environments

GBG delivers solutions that optimize your entire computing infrastructure with simplified architecture and reduced costs. Our Software-Defined Environments solutions encompass the following:

  • Software-Defined Datacenter
  • Software-Defined Computing
  • Software-Defined Storage
  • Software-Defined Network
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
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Datacenter Modernization Solutions case studies


Evolving Porto Developments' complex systems to become an all-digital real estate company.

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Actualizing AMER GROUP’S Digital Transformation

Overcoming system breakdowns caused by Covid-19, and optimizing workflow accessibility and efficiencies.

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Augmenting El-ARABY Group’s IT Operations

Upgrading bandwidth, enhancing cloud connection, and optimizing productivity for El Araby Group.

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Bolstering Data Security At Al-NAS Hospital

Tuning up data storage and system stability so Al Nas Hospital is consistently shielded against cybersecurity, threat, and attack vulnerabilities.

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