Network Solutions

Smart Cities/Compounds Using FTTx

Global Brands FTTx solutions have linked systems and communication to create smart and sustainable cities and companies.

We have been at the forefront of emerging technologies, and our fiber technology has powered high-quality and high-speed networks that have contributed to some of the region's most connected infrastructures. Explore our FTTx products and services below.

FTTx Design

  • Huawei FTTx network
  • High-speed, low latency connectivity
  • Lowered energy consumption
  • Customized solutions with efficient routing, testing, and splicing locations

Optical Line Terminal (OLT)

  • Huawei SmartAX EA5800 series
  • Green, ultra-broadband, and intelligent aggregation access networks
  • Unified transmission platform for broadband, wireless, video, and surveillance services
  • GPON, XG-PON, XGS-PON, GE, and 10 GE access
  • Supports multiple network construction modes, including POL, FTTH, FTTB, and FTTC
  • Simplifies network architecture and reduces OPEX
  • Higher switching capacity and system performance
  • Type B/Type C dual-homing for remote disaster recovery.
  • Multiple uplinks configured to provide a secure and reliable operating environment.
  • Software upgrades without service interruption.
  • Broader, faster, and smarter access networks.

Fiber Optics

  • Commscope’s fiber optics
  • High-performance exceeds industry standards
  • Central tube, loose tube, and ribbon constructions


  • Commscope optical splitters.
  • Customized design and configuration

Fiber Distribution Units

  • CommScope Fiber distribution hubs
  • Resilient OCAB dust-proof cabinets
  • Mechanical protection for housing connections

Fiber Terminal United

  • Commscope HFTP Customer premises compact fiber wall outlets
  • Wall-mounted terminals or wall boxes.
  • Direct termination with field-installable connectors

FTTx Network Management Software

  • Huawei eSight integrated O&M solution.
  • Including enterprise campus or wide area network, agile network, UC, telepresence, video surveillance, data center, and Safe City
  • Unified device, performance, alarm, topology, and configuration management; network quality and traffic monitoring and quick diagnosis; and analysis of real-time and historical IT data
  • Proactive prevention and intuitive diagnosis reduce downtime by 80%
  • Intelligent capacity analysis increases ICT resource values by approximately 30%.
  • Lightweight B/S architecture, client-free installation, and system access anytime and anywhere
  • Diverse components, on-demand purchase, and reduced construction cost
  • Highly scalable independent NE adaptation package, able to add device types without compromising existing functions
  • Incremental R&D as well as independent upgrade of service components, reducing the upgrade fault rate.


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