Global Brands for Information Technology

Global Brands for Information Technology

In 2023, Global Brands Group, an international leader in IT services, announced the establishment of its newest branch in Saudi Arabia, in Riyadh, known as the Global Brands for Information Technology. This pivotal expansion represented a significant stride forward in their strategy to create a global network, specifically focusing on the heart of the Middle East.

The establishment of Global Brands for Information Technology promises a dynamic addition to Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning tech market, with an expansive range of innovative IT solutions designed to empower businesses of all sizes, from startups to global corporations. With their relentless commitment to quality, they will continue to set the benchmark for technological solutions.

The newly formed branch will provide a vast spectrum of IT services including installation of communication equipment, and mainframe computers, alongside managing operating systems. Recognising the integral role of customisation, the company will extend its special software designing and programming, with an analytical approach to optimize systems.

Striding towards innovation, Global Brands for Information Technology will venture into Robotics Technologies and Artificial Intelligence, working diligently to establish itself as the epicenter of AI innovation in Saudi Arabia. The company is prepared to assist its clients in embracing these transformative technologies, helping them become disruptors in their respective industries.

The range of services offered by GBG also includes application development and cybersecurity. They provide rigorous digital certification services to ensure seamless and secure online interactions. Recognizing the rapid evolution of today’s business environment, GBG incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as Big Data. 

GBG’s expertise extends to the software industry as well. They engage in the reproduction and publication of off-the-shelf software, in addition to providing comprehensive software services. In line with their service offerings, Global Brands for Information Technology also possesses technical proficiency in creating web-hosting infrastructure and other data processing services.

GBG Holding and expansion in Saudi Arabia

Their service portfolio also encompasses cloud services, cybersecurity, end-to-end business processes, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and more. As experts in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotic Process Automation, GBG can effectively automate operations and processes to enhance efficiency. They also offer comprehensive Infrastructure Monitoring & Management services, Integration Services, Cyber Security, Pro Services & Consulting and On-Site Technical Service & Staffing. To enhance the digital experience of the customers, they provide UI/UX design for both Mobile Apps and Web.

Their Digital Strategy division is geared towards guiding companies through their digital transformation journeys, while their Data Intelligence team helps businesses leverage data for informed decision-making. 

In a nutshell, Global Brands for Information Technology, is set to be a one-stop-shop for a multitude of digital solutions in Saudi Arabia, underpinned by an uncompromising commitment to quality and innovation. With its wealth of expertise, GBG is set to propel the region into the future of IT services and solutions.