Global Brands Team Enjoys a Day of Fun and Learning with Maven

GBG team bonds over Maven's fun learning activities, enhancing communication and teamwork for business success.

In an engaging twist to traditional corporate events, the Global Brands Group (GBG) experienced an innovative team-building event organized by Maven, renowned experts with over 25 years in learning and development in the MENA region. Held on Sunday, 21 April 2024, the event was specifically tailored to enhance GBG’s team dynamics, promising a day of fun, challenge, and self-discovery.

Maven’s customized activities aimed to overcome growth challenges within GBG by fostering positive relationships, enhancing communication skills, and strengthening team bonds.

Our focus was not just on having fun, but on building a foundation for a resilient, collaborative, and high-performing team, commented a Maven spokesperson.

From trust-building exercises to strategic problem-solving challenges, every activity was designed with GBG’s objectives in mind. Participants found themselves navigating through various tasks that required teamwork, creativity, and a positive mindset, all set within a fun and supportive environment.

Feedback from the GBG team has been overwhelmingly positive. Today was more than just a day out of the office; it was an opportunity to connect with my colleagues on a different level. Maven’s team led us brilliantly through each challenge, and I believe we are coming back stronger and more unified, shared one GBG team member.

Maven’s approach to team building is deeply rooted in their belief that business success starts with people. By providing practical solutions and drawing on the expertise of industry professionals, they create experiences that not only aim to enhance team performance but also contribute to a healthier, more enjoyable workplace.

The day’s success signals a forward-thinking approach to team building and professional development. The GBG team not only took home valuable lessons in collaboration and communication but also memories of laughter and camaraderie that will enrich their work environment for a long time to come. This event, documented through vibrant photos and captivating video footage, serves as a reminder of the importance of fun in the workplace and its impact on achieving greater business outcomes.


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