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Empowering Healthcare for Children: Abul-Reesh Children’s Hospital and GBG

Transforming Children's Medical Health, Impacting Communities. Global Brands Group - Leading the Charge of Positive Change, One Gift at a Time.

Global Brands Group is a game-changing company dedicated to leading digital transformations and creating impactful change in Egypt and beyond. Known for its expertise in delivering successful digital strategies and solutions, GBG continues to demonstrate its commitment to making a positive difference in communities worldwide. In a recent demonstration of its unwavering support, GBG made a significant contribution to the Abul-Reesh Mounira Children’s Hospital in Egypt.

This contribution was made through a cash donation and an in-kind donation, which included medical equipment and supplies for the hospital. The donation will be used to purchase necessary equipment and recruit highly-skilled medical professionals to ensure that children receive the exceptional medical care they deserve. The primary goal of this donation was to aid the hospital in its noble mission of providing free medical care to children from all over Egypt.

Transforming Society in Egypt: How Global Brands Group Contributes to Children’s Wellbeing

At Global Brands Group, our mission transcends business transformation and focuses on the wellbeing of children by striving to enhance their medical care. By working together with communities and lending a helping hand, we hope to bring positive changes to the lives of those in need. GBG took a trip to the Abul-Reesh Mounira Children’s Hospital in Egypt to show its commitment to social responsibility and its ambition to improve the medical health of children and promote transformation in society. GBG understands the vital significance of a child’s health and is devoted to supporting initiatives that create a positive impact. Through its charitable actions, Global Brands Group aims to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and transform Egypt’s society for the better.

Empower Hope and Change Lives: The Impact of Donating to Abul-Reesh Mounira Children’s Hospital

Abul-Reesh Mounira Children’s Hospital is the oldest and most prestigious specialized hospital for pediatrics and surgery in Egypt and the Middle East. Established in 1928, it provides general and specialized medical services to children from all over Egypt free of charge for more than 90 years. The hospital performs more than 11,700 hemodialysis sessions, 4,000 surgeries, 2,500 endoscopic procedures, and 24 kidney transplants annually. It is an exceptional medical facility that is highly committed to ensuring that children receive the best possible medical care.

The Abul-Reesh Mounira Children’s Hospital specializes in a wide range of medical fields, including pediatrics, pediatric surgery, and pediatric endocrinology. The hospital has an outstanding reputation for its expertise in neonatology, oncology, nephrology, cardiology, neurology, and respiratory diseases. Additionally, the hospital provides dental care, rehabilitation, and nutritional services.

Children’s health is a vital aspect of a community’s wellbeing and development. It is essential to ensure that children receive high-quality medical care to live a healthy life. Health issues during childhood can affect their physical, emotional, and social development, which can have a lasting impact on their overall quality of life. Therefore, we must give high attention to children’s health and support medical facilities like Abul-Reesh Mounira Children’s Hospital that are dedicated to providing medical care to children.


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