Partners with Top IT Solution Providers

Partners with the world's leading IT solution providers in Egypt

GBG partners with the world’s leading brands in IT solution providers to design comprehensive and efficient Digital Transformations. Carefully selecting ethical brands that align with our mission, we deliver the best in innovative and reliable technologies.


Global Brands Group is one of Palo Alto's champion partners in the region because of our strategic alliance with Microsoft and wide range of Azure customers. Together, we work to accelerate transformations to the cloud by delivering reliable and automated protections across multi-cloud deployments. Through infrastructure, platform and workload protection technologies, our combined capabilities effectively eliminate security risks, prevent data loss and minimize business disruption.

Over the years, our partnership with Palo Alto has successfully enabled clients such as El Araby Group and Amoun with a total investment of more than $500,000. We collaborate with Palo Alto to extend your value as below: 

  • Microsoft Azure Security; Azure together with Palo Alto Network's platform enable unparalleled security. Azure provides inline, API-based and host-based components for comprehensive protection. 
  • SaaS Security; We address your cloud access security broker requirements and provide advanced capabilities in risk discovery on top of data loss prevention and protection against advanced threats. 
  • Private and On-premises Clouds; We provide native integrations between cloud and on-premises. Benefit from consistent and automated security within private and on-premises solutions. 

About Palo Alto 

Palo Alto Networks® is an American frontrunner in consistent and continuous cloud security. Its technologies address global digital security challenges with innovation in artificial intelligence, analytics, automation and orchestration. The brand supports more than 70,000 customers in more than 150 countries across clouds, networks and mobile devices. 


Global Brands Group has been inaugurated with an inventive spirit, and this spirit continues to guide us through our journey. Ever- listening and -answering to industry shifts and demands, GBG grows, transforms and caters to an ever-expanding customer base.