Partners with Top IT Solution Providers

Partners with the world's leading IT solution providers in Egypt

GBG partners with the world’s leading brands in IT solution providers to design comprehensive and efficient Digital Transformations. Carefully selecting ethical brands that align with our mission, we deliver the best in innovative and reliable technologies.


Since 2012, Global Brands Group’s partnership with Lenovo has equipped many organizations. Through Lenovo, we endeavor to deliver more value to our customers as a one-stop partner for all IT needs. Our Platinum Alliance renders high-quality products and support to enable business remote-working success.   

About Lenovo 

Lenovo is a multinational technology company based in Hong Kong that features forward-thinking and innovative hardware for more than 180 markets. With 4 Lenovo devices sold per second around the globe, the brand is dedicated to transforming technological experiences on personal and business levels. 


Global Brands Group has been inaugurated with an inventive spirit, and this spirit continues to guide us through our journey. Ever- listening and -answering to industry shifts and demands, GBG grows, transforms and caters to an ever-expanding customer base.