Empowering Healthcare for Children: Abul-Reesh Children’s Hospital and GBG

Global Brands Group is a game-changing company dedicated to leading digital transformations and creating impactful change in Egypt and beyond. Known for its expertise in delivering successful digital strategies and solutions, GBG continues to demonstrate its commitment to making a positive difference in communities worldwide. In a recent demonstration of its unwavering support, GBG made a significant contribution to the Abul-Reesh Mounira Children’s Hospital in Egypt.

This contribution was made through a cash donation and an in-kind donation, which included medical equipment and supplies for the hospital. The donation will be used to purchase necessary equipment and recruit highly-skilled medical professionals to ensure that children receive the exceptional medical care they deserve. The primary goal of this donation was to aid the hospital in its noble mission of providing free medical care to children from all over Egypt.

Transforming Society in Egypt: How Global Brands Group Contributes to Children’s Wellbeing

At Global Brands Group, our mission transcends business transformation and focuses on the wellbeing of children by striving to enhance their medical care. By working together with communities and lending a helping hand, we hope to bring positive changes to the lives of those in need. GBG took a trip to the Abul-Reesh Mounira Children’s Hospital in Egypt to show its commitment to social responsibility and its ambition to improve the medical health of children and promote transformation in society. GBG understands the vital significance of a child’s health and is devoted to supporting initiatives that create a positive impact. Through its charitable actions, Global Brands Group aims to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and transform Egypt’s society for the better.

Empower Hope and Change Lives: The Impact of Donating to Abul-Reesh Mounira Children’s Hospital

Abul-Reesh Mounira Children’s Hospital is the oldest and most prestigious specialized hospital for pediatrics and surgery in Egypt and the Middle East. Established in 1928, it provides general and specialized medical services to children from all over Egypt free of charge for more than 90 years. The hospital performs more than 11,700 hemodialysis sessions, 4,000 surgeries, 2,500 endoscopic procedures, and 24 kidney transplants annually. It is an exceptional medical facility that is highly committed to ensuring that children receive the best possible medical care.

The Abul-Reesh Mounira Children’s Hospital specializes in a wide range of medical fields, including pediatrics, pediatric surgery, and pediatric endocrinology. The hospital has an outstanding reputation for its expertise in neonatology, oncology, nephrology, cardiology, neurology, and respiratory diseases. Additionally, the hospital provides dental care, rehabilitation, and nutritional services.

Children’s health is a vital aspect of a community’s wellbeing and development. It is essential to ensure that children receive high-quality medical care to live a healthy life. Health issues during childhood can affect their physical, emotional, and social development, which can have a lasting impact on their overall quality of life. Therefore, we must give high attention to children’s health and support medical facilities like Abul-Reesh Mounira Children’s Hospital that are dedicated to providing medical care to children.

Celebrating Women Day at Global Brands Group 

It was an amazing day at GBG when we celebrated Women’s Day in recognition of the importance of women in our lives. Our CEO, Eng. Hisham Said, and Chairman, Dr. Ahmed Said, showed their appreciation for the women who are part of our team, acknowledging their hard work and contribution to the company. 

On Women’s Day at GBG, we celebrated the vital role of women in our lives and our company. Our team gathered together to recognize the tremendous contributions women make every day, both in the workplace and beyond. Everyone had the opportunity to connect with their female colleagues, get to know each other better, and appreciate one another. There were many smiles and laughter as we shared stories and experiences. 

Women are valuable assets in any organization, bringing creativity, empathy, and strong leadership. In many cases, they have been at the forefront of progress. For example, in the workplace, women have often pushed for improvements in safety and health standards, pay equality, and job satisfaction. They have fought hard for their rights and have succeeded in many areas.   

We were also honored to hear a word from our chairman, Dr. Ahmed Said. His words of encouragement and admiration for the hard work of our female team members were truly touching. We thanked him and Eng. Hisham for their wise leadership, advocating for gender equality and equity, and celebrating the many successes of our female colleagues. We were also given special gifts to honor the day, which made everyone feel appreciated and valued. 

All in all, it was an amazing gathering day that allowed us to express our gratitude for one another and take time to celebrate the important role of women in our lives. 

GBG concludes a fruitful Cairo ICT event as a sponsor

Held at the Egypt International Exhibition Center, the 26th edition of Cairo ICT brought together over 120,000 visitors, 500 brands, and more than 200 speakers – all of the brilliant minds in the IT industry. The exhibition is the most prominent regional platform for bringing together and reviewing the most important trends and technologies in the sector.

GBG had the pleasure of sponsoring this year’s event, held from the 27th to the 30th of November 2022. With “Leading Change” as this year’s event theme, our subsidiary, Direct Trading & Marketing, represented the group in sharing up-to-date insights on cybersecurity and digital transformation trends.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Dell Titanium Partner, GBG stays at the frontier of innovation, and we’ve effectuated data security for an extensive range of industries across the region. Our solutions help companies abide by Egyptian Data Protection Law No. 151/2020.

At the event, our Technology Consultant in HCI and data protection, Ashraf Ali, gave a riveting live session on cyber threats and ransomware trends that have occurred over the last year, and how they have impacted businesses worldwide. He described cyber-security resilience as a high-level holistic strategy that includes cyber-security standards, guidelines, and how they are tailored to people, business processes, and technology solutions. Furthermore, Ali also shared GBG’s latest problem-solving cyber recovery solution, and explained how our best-in-class technology helps businesses boost resilience and ensure recovery in case of a breach.

In line with “Leading Change,” GBG’s Business Development Manager, Mohamed Magdy, gave a perceptive session on empowering digital transformations within remote workplaces. He demonstrated how Microsoft 365 facilitated operational accessibility and flexibility. This particularly resonated with remote workers during the past couple of years of the global pandemic. Magdy described how the solution connects the workforce, digitizes manual processes, accelerates onboarding, and provides mobile device accessibility, all while securely protecting organization data.

Overall, GBG was thrilled to be able to convene with our clients in person, and meet new prospective networks who can help nurture the Group’s achievements and capabilities. We are always grateful for such networking opportunities, and greatly look forward to attending the next edition of the Cairo ICT event. 


With businesses recuperating from COVID-19, GBG and Direct Trading & Marketing were honored to be a Gold Sponsor at the innovation-centric Dell Technologies Forum 2022. Held on the 26th of September, the event converged industry leaders at Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski for a productive day of engaging breakout sessions, interactive experiences, and technologists’ networking.

Dell Technologies Titanium Partner and GBG subsidiary, Direct Trading & Marketing, was thrilled to be awarded “Excellence in New Business Development” at the event’s Dell Technologies Partner Summit, a recognition of being Egypt’s partner of the year in 2022.

Also at the event, Hardware Pre-Sales Engineer, Lubna Ghuneimi, demonstrated her profound insights through a cybersecurity session on how to “Fortify your Business with Modern Security.” The session discussed why modern threats require modern solutions and the concept that cyber resilience is a high-level, holistic strategy rather than a luxury. Critical data is stored immutably in a hardened vault enabling recovery with assured data availability, integrity, and confidentiality.

Through an emphasis on cyber recovery as a solution, Ghuneimi explains our security services in 28001 gap analysis, VAPT, security hardening, and SOC/CISO provide stakeholders with flexible recovery options for critical data. The acts to isolate physical and logical data, preserve the original integrity of data, and enhance intelligence to identify potential threats play a monumental role in reinforcing a business’s IT immutability and accelerated response. 

GBG was ecstatic to network with existing clients and privileged to forge new strategic business relationships with participants at this year’s Dell Technologies Forum. Given the hiatus of physical events during the pandemic, the conference concluded on a high note of success.

We are thankful to all our customers and event delegates for meeting us at the #DellTechForum and grateful for the opportunity to spearhead the region’s IT innovation as an industry leader. We owe our Dell success stories to our strategic leadership, dynamic and industrious team, and, last but not least, Dell’s continued support.

To explore our tailored security services and learn how you can fortify your business with modern technology, contact us for a bespoke solution. We look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s event.

GBG empowers youths of tomorrow

GBG was ecstatic to be a part of a program that supports and enriches the future of over 2,000 Digital Egypt Youth Initiative graduates. The corporation protocol with the National Telecommunication Institute in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Academy provides graduates with on-the-job training. It equips and mentors them with hands-on skills, so they are fully prepared to join the workforce at the end of their 4-month scholarship. GBG also provided many inspiring employment opportunities for top-qualified graduates.

This collaboration came at a volatile time when the global workforce faced uncertainties. We were very excited to contribute to being a part of the solution that empowers the brilliant young minds that can shape tomorrow’s generation. Identifying young Egyptian talents and supporting career pathways with well-deserved opportunities has always been a part of our corporate strategy, and GBG will continue to seek new ways to sustain the region’s workforce in the coming years.



The path towards total digital transformation relies on many factors beyond providing the finest IT services and solutions in the MEA region. Global Brands Group constantly strives to invest in developing both its personnel as well as that of its clientele; the right people in the right places can make a world of difference for any business endeavor. 

To that end, Global Brands Group has established a strong alliance with LinkedIn, becoming a proud partner. This partnership brings with it a suite of powerful applications and services that will enable Global Brands Group to greatly upscale its human resources endeavors, and source only prime candidates to join its quest towards digital transformation.  

This partnership allows Global Brands Group to place powerful personnel on the portfolios of its various clients via the following avenues: 

LinkedIn Talent Solutions (LTS): 

In an ever-evolving professional ecosystem, the need to source capable employees is a key factor towards complete digital transformation. The LTS suite of services pertains to developing smart workforce investments, effective hiring strategies, talent growth and retention via LinkedIn Talent Insights, Recruiter Corporate, Jobs, Work With Us, Talent Media and Career Pages tools.

These tools provide GBG clients access to more than 645 million global candidates across various talent pools with best-in-class targeting and media capabilities, guaranteeing a smooth employment journey. 

Learning and Development (L&D):

Finding the right people for a position is only one aspect of the modern employee journey. Managing skill sets, upskilling, as well as reskilling are essential parts of every employee’s growth. 

LinkedIn’s Learning and Development suite empowers employers and employees with valuable learning opportunities and personalized content from a library of more than 16,000 expert courses across 7 languages, all to help develop their most appropriate and in-demand skills. This avenue also helps learners to connect with a community of innovators and instructors, as well as measure their growth and assess any possible skill gaps. 

Marketing Solutions: 

Global Brands Group’s efforts towards digital transformation receive the attention they deserve via LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions avenue, allowing you to empower your workforce to effortlessly reach their most desirable customers. 

This aspect of the LinkedIn partnership includes powerful tools designed to generate leads, drive website traffic, build palpable brand awareness and drive relevant actions across a pool of over 750 million professionals on LinkedIn. Marketing Solutions also entails a robust suite of advertising tools, including sponsored content and messaging, text and dynamic ads, as well as a streamlined Campaign Manager to create, measure, optimize and streamline the company’s ongoing LinkedIn campaigns. 

Sales Solutions: 

After establishing the right workforce, skill sets and marketing venues comes the time to close. LinkedIn’s Sales Solutions avenue enables GBG clientele to more efficiently find meaningful leads across a vast network of corporate entities and buyers. 

Sales Solutions includes a suite of powerful tools the likes of Sales Navigator, allowing the company to pinpoint its most relevant decision makers with accurate targeting, shorten the sales cycle with saved lists, and virtually connect with buyers by understanding their needs. This avenue also includes Sales Insights; an essential tool to aid in personalized outreach by leveraging the company’s entire network for meaningful and warm conversations, paving the way for an effective sales plan. 


Omar’s path to seizing an Olympic medal for Egypt began with the Tokyo Olympics 2020, which was challenging straight off the bat due to many Covid-19-related cancellations and delays, although this did little to dissuade Omar from pursuing his goal at full speed.

The Egyptian champion managed to become the first African table tennis player to reach the top four of the Olympics, beating prolific performers along the way, and only losing out to Ma Long, who ended up winning the gold medal. Determined and focused, Omar is closer than ever to bringing home the Olympic medal, and he is fully committed to achieving this unprecedented feat in the upcoming Paris Olympics 2024.

We are thrilled to announce GBG’s continued sponsorship of a huge source of Egyptian pride: table tennis champion Omar Assar’s journey towards bringing Egypt its first medal at the Paris Olympics in 2024.

A 3-time Olympian, veteran of the European leagues, and record holder for the most amount of African championship titles, Omar started his career at the age of 3. By the time he was 8, clubs across Egypt – including Al Ahly and Zamalek – were clamoring to sign him after seeing the young athlete play in his home town of Desouk, Kafr el-Sheikh.

Omar joined Al Ahly at the age of 9, where – a few years later – he would first meet then-Vice President of Al Ahly Club Dr. Ahmed Said, Chairman of Global Brands Group.

 Dr.Said immediately knew the young athlete had a bright future. More than his prowess on the court, the overlap of goals, ideals, and values was immediately visible, launching a decade of collaboration, support, and friendship.

Dr. Said soon introduced Omar to GBG CEO Mr. Hisham Said, who followed the athlete’s support from win to win, cementing the partnership as one of family and unconditional support, not just a sponsorship. Together, and with every resource GBG has to offer, the pair has continued to invest in Omar’s talent across continents, through every triumph and defeat until he became the champion he is today.

After joining the men’s world championship at the age of 14, an unheard of feat at the time, Omar went on to bring Egypt its first ever medal in a global table tennis tournament, placing third in the 2013 World Team Classic in China.

Omar has spent most of the last 20 years playing in the highest leagues across Europe, proving himself as a force to be reckoned with on an international level. He now has his sights set on the 2024 Paris Olympics, where he aims to achieve a new record: become the first ever non-European/non-Asian to win an Olympic medal in table tennis.

To achieve this feat, Omar is rallying top-level support, and Global Brands Group is honoured to have been a part of Omar’s dream team for years. After watching Omar grow as an athlete for years, we couldn’t be prouder to support him and represent Egypt at the Olympics.

We are thrilled to continue to empower Egyptian excellence, and cannot wait to see Omar making our country proud at the Paris Olympics.