GBG Awarded Dell Elite PPSC Status

As we strive to bring our clients the market’s most competitive end-to-end solutions, 2022 has proven to be a remarkable year for GBG. Our subsidiary, Direct for Trading and Marketing, has gained the status of Dell’s Proven Partner Service Competencies (PPSC) and has demonstrated proven solution design and delivery capabilities.

This means that Dell Technologies officially recognizes us as a partner with the capability to position, design, and integrate products into solutions to meet customer requirements. We take great pride in this achievement, as it is a testament to our capabilities in completing rigorous training and certification requirements. The status is only awarded to service delivery partners who have invested in sales and pre-sales Deployment Competencies across the Dell Technologies portfolio, and achieved a deployment delivery performance level of 85% and above.

With our Proven Partner Service Competencies status, we are now enriched with a greater connection to Dell’s global resources. This privilege includes access to over 30,000 of Dell’s service professionals and a broad range of services and IPs, such as TS Kits for enabled offerings to our regional stakeholders. Our team is also empowered with continued technical training and certifications to ensure that we offer clients well-informed, curated, and high-performing solutions. These unprecedented resources allow us to design unique solutions tailored to clients’ business operational needs and workflows.

GBG has established a sustainable alliance with Dell since 2000, even before it acquired EMC. We have also recently announced another year of accreditation as Dell’s Titanium partner under the Dell Technologies Partner Program. Our long-standing relationship with Dell, along with our dedication to creating true digital transformations, has fueled our ambitions to achieve and deliver more as an authorized partner in the region year after year. Some of our Dell projects include transformations within public sector organizations, SMEs, and national banks.

Driven by our newfound PPSC status, we remain committed to tailoring bespoke, efficient, and value-enhanced Data Center Infrastructure & Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solutions to our clients’ needs. We owe our Dell success stories to our strategic leadership, dynamic and industrious team, and last but not least, Dell’s continued support. Through constantly challenging our expertise and enriching our knowledge with regular training, we consistently seek improvement, and aspire to continue deploying purposeful transformations for our stakeholders in the region.


Sustaining our long-term strategic alliance with Dell; our subsidiary, Direct for Trading and Marketing, has received yet another year of accreditation as Dell’s Titanium partner under Dell Technologies Partner Program. Having previously received numerous “Dell Preferred Partner of the Year” awards, we are ecstatic about our achievement and proud to maintain this distinguished status in the MENA region.

Our alliance with Dell began in 2000, even before it acquired EMC. Since then, our team has been consistently upgrading their skill sets in order to deliver exceptional customer experiences and effective solutions for businesses across the region. Today, we are certified in an extensive list of competencies, including converged and hyperconverged infrastructure, data protection, Dell client for VDI, Dell endpoint security, networking, servers, storage, and more. We have also been awarded for our service competencies in storage services, networking services, data protection services, and many more.

These achievements have enabled us to manage and lead transformations in an agile manner within the business landscape. They have also inspired us to deliver problem-solving products to fuel our clients’ growth, productivity, data security, and efficiencies. To date, we have played a massive role in deploying digital solutions across a myriad of sectors.

Some of our Dell transformations include organizations in the public governmental sector, the oil and gas industry, banking, and small and medium-sized enterprises. Every transformation has been vastly different, as each one centres around the unique needs of the sector and the client.

GBG also owes these success stories to our dynamic leadership, and driven individuals within its team who committedly strive to tailor bespoke solutions for clients. We would like to thank Dell Technologies for its continued faith and investment in advancing our capabilities and technical knowledge. This marks yet another winning milestone in our journey with Dell, and inspires us to constantly seek improvement and stop at nothing to succeed together.



The path towards total digital transformation relies on many factors beyond providing the finest IT services and solutions in the MEA region. Global Brands Group constantly strives to invest in developing both its personnel as well as that of its clientele; the right people in the right places can make a world of difference for any business endeavor. 

To that end, Global Brands Group has established a strong alliance with LinkedIn, becoming a proud partner. This partnership brings with it a suite of powerful applications and services that will enable Global Brands Group to greatly upscale its human resources endeavors, and source only prime candidates to join its quest towards digital transformation.  

This partnership allows Global Brands Group to place powerful personnel on the portfolios of its various clients via the following avenues: 

LinkedIn Talent Solutions (LTS): 

In an ever-evolving professional ecosystem, the need to source capable employees is a key factor towards complete digital transformation. The LTS suite of services pertains to developing smart workforce investments, effective hiring strategies, talent growth and retention via LinkedIn Talent Insights, Recruiter Corporate, Jobs, Work With Us, Talent Media and Career Pages tools.

These tools provide GBG clients access to more than 645 million global candidates across various talent pools with best-in-class targeting and media capabilities, guaranteeing a smooth employment journey. 

Learning and Development (L&D):

Finding the right people for a position is only one aspect of the modern employee journey. Managing skill sets, upskilling, as well as reskilling are essential parts of every employee’s growth. 

LinkedIn’s Learning and Development suite empowers employers and employees with valuable learning opportunities and personalized content from a library of more than 16,000 expert courses across 7 languages, all to help develop their most appropriate and in-demand skills. This avenue also helps learners to connect with a community of innovators and instructors, as well as measure their growth and assess any possible skill gaps. 

Marketing Solutions: 

Global Brands Group’s efforts towards digital transformation receive the attention they deserve via LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions avenue, allowing you to empower your workforce to effortlessly reach their most desirable customers. 

This aspect of the LinkedIn partnership includes powerful tools designed to generate leads, drive website traffic, build palpable brand awareness and drive relevant actions across a pool of over 750 million professionals on LinkedIn. Marketing Solutions also entails a robust suite of advertising tools, including sponsored content and messaging, text and dynamic ads, as well as a streamlined Campaign Manager to create, measure, optimize and streamline the company’s ongoing LinkedIn campaigns. 

Sales Solutions: 

After establishing the right workforce, skill sets and marketing venues comes the time to close. LinkedIn’s Sales Solutions avenue enables GBG clientele to more efficiently find meaningful leads across a vast network of corporate entities and buyers. 

Sales Solutions includes a suite of powerful tools the likes of Sales Navigator, allowing the company to pinpoint its most relevant decision makers with accurate targeting, shorten the sales cycle with saved lists, and virtually connect with buyers by understanding their needs. This avenue also includes Sales Insights; an essential tool to aid in personalized outreach by leveraging the company’s entire network for meaningful and warm conversations, paving the way for an effective sales plan. 


Omar’s path to seizing an Olympic medal for Egypt began with the Tokyo Olympics 2020, which was challenging straight off the bat due to many Covid-19-related cancellations and delays, although this did little to dissuade Omar from pursuing his goal at full speed.

The Egyptian champion managed to become the first African table tennis player to reach the top four of the Olympics, beating prolific performers along the way, and only losing out to Ma Long, who ended up winning the gold medal. Determined and focused, Omar is closer than ever to bringing home the Olympic medal, and he is fully committed to achieving this unprecedented feat in the upcoming Paris Olympics 2024.

We are thrilled to announce GBG’s continued sponsorship of a huge source of Egyptian pride: table tennis champion Omar Assar’s journey towards bringing Egypt its first medal at the Paris Olympics in 2024.

A 3-time Olympian, veteran of the European leagues, and record holder for the most amount of African championship titles, Omar started his career at the age of 3. By the time he was 8, clubs across Egypt – including Al Ahly and Zamalek – were clamoring to sign him after seeing the young athlete play in his home town of Desouk, Kafr el-Sheikh.

Omar joined Al Ahly at the age of 9, where – a few years later – he would first meet then-Vice President of Al Ahly Club Dr. Ahmed Said, Chairman of Global Brands Group.

 Dr.Said immediately knew the young athlete had a bright future. More than his prowess on the court, the overlap of goals, ideals, and values was immediately visible, launching a decade of collaboration, support, and friendship.

Dr. Said soon introduced Omar to GBG CEO Mr. Hisham Said, who followed the athlete’s support from win to win, cementing the partnership as one of family and unconditional support, not just a sponsorship. Together, and with every resource GBG has to offer, the pair has continued to invest in Omar’s talent across continents, through every triumph and defeat until he became the champion he is today.

After joining the men’s world championship at the age of 14, an unheard of feat at the time, Omar went on to bring Egypt its first ever medal in a global table tennis tournament, placing third in the 2013 World Team Classic in China.

Omar has spent most of the last 20 years playing in the highest leagues across Europe, proving himself as a force to be reckoned with on an international level. He now has his sights set on the 2024 Paris Olympics, where he aims to achieve a new record: become the first ever non-European/non-Asian to win an Olympic medal in table tennis.

To achieve this feat, Omar is rallying top-level support, and Global Brands Group is honoured to have been a part of Omar’s dream team for years. After watching Omar grow as an athlete for years, we couldn’t be prouder to support him and represent Egypt at the Olympics.

We are thrilled to continue to empower Egyptian excellence, and cannot wait to see Omar making our country proud at the Paris Olympics.


Owing to the delivery of excellent quality across all segments, driving of the Microsoft strategy and successful selling of MS solutions, Global Brands Group has recently won the Egypt Partner of the Year Award 2020 from Microsoft; which celebrates global partners excelling in each of the solution are-as, industries and sectors in which MS technologies are used. GBG has indeed deservedly earned this honor, being a Middle East leader in IT solutions for critical business applications.

Our company has been instrumental ever since its inception in 1997 in delivering globally intelligent technology, powering digital intelligent technology, powering digital transformation and amplifying the business capabilities of our clientele. We have consistently demonstrated an exemplary use of Microsoft technology, earning ourselves a leading position in the market, which we are successfully augmenting year after year.

This reputable accolade comes in response to our submission of four case studies that have clearly showcased GBG’s impressive offerings and competencies, coupled with the support of a dedicated MS team.