Direct’s Ashraf Ali awarded Dell Technologies Heroes – Egypt

Cairo, Egypt – Direct for Trading & Marketing, a subsidiary company of the Global Brands Group, is proud to announce that Ashraf Ali, the Technology Consultant – HCI and Data Protection Solutions, was recognized for his exceptional work in the Q2 Dell Technologies Heroes program. The program, which honors top performers, recognizes those who show strong commitment and loyalty to Dell Technologies and their clients.

Ashraf was awarded during the event held on June 26, 2023 (Monday) in Marriott – Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel. He was among the top performers recognized for their outstanding contributions and efforts towards achieving Dell’s objectives and exceeding their clients’ expectations.

As a subsidiary of Global Brands Group, Direct for Trading & Marketing has a reputation for delivering premier hardware and software solutions to Egypt’s corporate market. The company is dedicated to integrating technology to enable organizations to achieve their business objectives while providing secure, simplified, and reliable technology solutions.

The Dell Technologies Heroes Program recognizes individuals who show excellence in performance, demonstrate exceptional teamwork, and have a commitment to delivering innovative solutions. Dell chose Ashraf from Global Brands Group due to his dedication to providing quality services to his clients, which is consistent with Dell’s core values.

The Global Brands Group has a history of successful partnerships with top brands, and their association with Dell Technologies has strengthened over time. As a leading technology provider, Dell relies on the expertise of professionals such as Ashraf to maintain their standards of excellence in the field.

In conclusion, Direct for Trading & Marketing and Global Brands Group are proud to have a professional like Ashraf Ali recognized for his contributions to Dell Technologies and the tech industry in Egypt. The recognition highlights the company’s commitment to providing exceptional services and reinforces their reputation as a leader in the industry.

GBG Wins IDG T1 Partner of the Year Award from Lenovo

GBG Wins IDG T1 Partner of the Year Award from Lenovo

On June 14th, 2023, the renowned Four Seasons Cairo Nile Plaza hosted the celebrated Lenovo LENA Channel Awards, honoring distinguished achievements in the Levant, Egypt, and North Africa area. The night brought together leading figures of the IT field, comprising Lenovo’s top executives and their most successful partners.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the “IDG T1 – Intelligent Device Group, Tier 1” Partner of the Year award to Global Brands Group, an award-winning, company known for its cutting-edge IT solutions. Tarek Embabi, Director of Sales at Global Brands Group, proudly received the award on behalf of his team, recognizing the hard work and dedication they put in over the years to build strong partnerships with their clients.

The award was presented by two Lenovo executives: Rony Mezraani – General Manager for Levant, Egypt & North Africa at Lenovo Middle East & Africa, and Ola El Deeb – Lenovo Country Manager for Egypt. Both congratulated Global Brands Group on their outstanding achievements, recognizing the significant impact their innovative IT solutions have had on businesses in the region.

“We are extremely proud and honored to receive this award,” said Tarek Embabi of Global Brands Group. “It is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality IT solutions to our clients. We will continue to push boundaries and bring more innovation to the market.”

GBG Wins IDG T1 Partner of the Year Award from Lenovo

This award solidifies Global Brands Group’s position as one of the top-performing IT companies in the Levant, Egypt & North Africa region. With this achievement under their belt, they look forward to building stronger partnerships and serving clients with even more exceptional IT solutions in the years to come.

GBG’s Meeting Assist App Named Top 30 by Microsoft

Global Brands Group’s Meeting Assist App has been recognized as one of Microsoft’s Top 30 Apps. This marks a significant achievement for the innovative software development firm, solidifying its position as a leader in the Middle East.

The app, which was designed to streamline and modernize the meeting process for organizations, is built using Microsoft’s OpenAI technology. By incorporating artificial intelligence into every layer of the tech stack, Global Brands Group has created an app that empowers developers and benefits users at the same time.

Meeting Assist App enables managers and leaders to easily manage tasks and actions during Microsoft Teams Meetings. It allows them to stay on top of their team’s progress towards project plans, goals, decisions, notes, and agendas, making it easier for them to make informed decisions in a timely manner.

Download GBG’s MeetingAssist Application today and enhance your meeting productivity!

The recognition from Microsoft is an enormous accomplishment for Global Brands Group, who have made great strides in the world of software development in recent years. The firm’s continued focus on innovation and commitment to building high-quality applications has paid off, resulting in Meeting Assist App’s recognition as one of the top 30 Microsoft apps.

Speaking on the recognition, GBG CEO Hisham Said said, “We are incredibly proud of Meeting Assist App and its recognition as one of Microsoft’s Top 30 Apps. We have worked hard to develop an application that is both user-friendly and highly effective in streamlining the meeting process for organizations. This recognition from Microsoft validates our efforts and motivates us to continue delivering the best possible solutions to our clients.”

The recognition comes during an exciting time for software development, as developers continue to explore the many possibilities that artificial intelligence presents. With apps like Meeting Assist App leading the charge, we can expect to see even more innovation and development in this area in the coming years.

Whether you’re a busy executive or an entrepreneur seeking to streamline your meetings, the MeetingAssist Application has got you covered. Contact us today for a free demo presentation. Our team is excited to show you how GBG Meeting Assist App can revolutionize your meetings!

GBG Achieves Advanced Services Delivery Performance

The year 2023 is shaping up to be a monumental one for GBG, as the team recently announced its successful achievement of Advanced Services Delivery Performance during the Dell Technologies Channel Services Delivery Program. This impressive accomplishment serves as a testament to GBG’s commitment to excellence and innovation in providing top-notch services to its clients.

According to the Dell Technologies Services Programs, services delivery is a critical aspect of the channel partner program. To succeed in today’s business environment, partners must provide services that meet and exceed customer expectations while optimizing resources and managing risks. This is where GBG stands out, having consistently demonstrated its expertise and excellence in delivering quality services. To achieve Advanced Services Delivery Performance on Dell Technologies, GBG went through a rigorous assessment process that evaluated its performance across different metrics. The assessment covered various areas, including deployment speed, issue resolution time, and customer satisfaction, among others. By demonstrating outstanding performance in all of these areas, GBG has now raised the bar for services delivery on Dell Technologies.

One of the factors that contributed to GBG’s success is its adherence to a framework that integrates best practices in services delivery. This framework covers different phases of the service delivery process, from planning to execution to continuous improvement. By following this framework, GBG ensures that its services are consistent, efficient, and of the highest quality.

GBG’s achievement in services delivery performance is significant, not only for the company but also for its clients. As Dell Technologies continues to evolve and expand its services, partners like GBG must remain agile and innovative to keep up. GBG’s success shows that it has the expertise, resources, and dedication to provide exceptional services that can help clients succeed in a highly competitive market.

In conclusion, GBG’s achievement in Advanced Services Delivery Performance on Dell Technologies is a testament to its commitment to excellence in services delivery. By following a proven framework and consistently exceeding performance expectations, GBG has set a new standard for services delivery that can benefit its clients and the broader market. As we look to the future, we can expect GBG to continue to innovate and lead the way in services delivery on Dell Technologies.

GBG Awarded Dell Elite PPSC Status

As we strive to bring our clients the market’s most competitive end-to-end solutions, 2022 has proven to be a remarkable year for GBG. Our subsidiary, Direct for Trading and Marketing, has gained the status of Dell’s Proven Partner Service Competencies (PPSC) and has demonstrated proven solution design and delivery capabilities.

This means that Dell Technologies officially recognizes us as a partner with the capability to position, design, and integrate products into solutions to meet customer requirements. We take great pride in this achievement, as it is a testament to our capabilities in completing rigorous training and certification requirements. The status is only awarded to service delivery partners who have invested in sales and pre-sales Deployment Competencies across the Dell Technologies portfolio, and achieved a deployment delivery performance level of 85% and above.

With our Proven Partner Service Competencies status, we are now enriched with a greater connection to Dell’s global resources. This privilege includes access to over 30,000 of Dell’s service professionals and a broad range of services and IPs, such as TS Kits for enabled offerings to our regional stakeholders. Our team is also empowered with continued technical training and certifications to ensure that we offer clients well-informed, curated, and high-performing solutions. These unprecedented resources allow us to design unique solutions tailored to clients’ business operational needs and workflows.

GBG has established a sustainable alliance with Dell since 2000, even before it acquired EMC. We have also recently announced another year of accreditation as Dell’s Titanium partner under the Dell Technologies Partner Program. Our long-standing relationship with Dell, along with our dedication to creating true digital transformations, has fueled our ambitions to achieve and deliver more as an authorized partner in the region year after year. Some of our Dell projects include transformations within public sector organizations, SMEs, and national banks.

Driven by our newfound PPSC status, we remain committed to tailoring bespoke, efficient, and value-enhanced Data Center Infrastructure & Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solutions to our clients’ needs. We owe our Dell success stories to our strategic leadership, dynamic and industrious team, and last but not least, Dell’s continued support. Through constantly challenging our expertise and enriching our knowledge with regular training, we consistently seek improvement, and aspire to continue deploying purposeful transformations for our stakeholders in the region.


Sustaining our long-term strategic alliance with Dell; our subsidiary, Direct for Trading and Marketing, has received yet another year of accreditation as Dell’s Titanium partner under Dell Technologies Partner Program. Having previously received numerous “Dell Preferred Partner of the Year” awards, we are ecstatic about our achievement and proud to maintain this distinguished status in the MENA region.

Our alliance with Dell began in 2000, even before it acquired EMC. Since then, our team has been consistently upgrading their skill sets in order to deliver exceptional customer experiences and effective solutions for businesses across the region. Today, we are certified in an extensive list of competencies, including converged and hyperconverged infrastructure, data protection, Dell client for VDI, Dell endpoint security, networking, servers, storage, and more. We have also been awarded for our service competencies in storage services, networking services, data protection services, and many more.

These achievements have enabled us to manage and lead transformations in an agile manner within the business landscape. They have also inspired us to deliver problem-solving products to fuel our clients’ growth, productivity, data security, and efficiencies. To date, we have played a massive role in deploying digital solutions across a myriad of sectors.

Some of our Dell transformations include organizations in the public governmental sector, the oil and gas industry, banking, and small and medium-sized enterprises. Every transformation has been vastly different, as each one centres around the unique needs of the sector and the client.

GBG also owes these success stories to our dynamic leadership, and driven individuals within its team who committedly strive to tailor bespoke solutions for clients. We would like to thank Dell Technologies for its continued faith and investment in advancing our capabilities and technical knowledge. This marks yet another winning milestone in our journey with Dell, and inspires us to constantly seek improvement and stop at nothing to succeed together.


Owing to the delivery of excellent quality across all segments, driving of the Microsoft strategy and successful selling of MS solutions, Global Brands Group has recently won the Egypt Partner of the Year Award 2020 from Microsoft; which celebrates global partners excelling in each of the solution are-as, industries and sectors in which MS technologies are used. GBG has indeed deservedly earned this honor, being a Middle East leader in IT solutions for critical business applications.

Our company has been instrumental ever since its inception in 1997 in delivering globally intelligent technology, powering digital intelligent technology, powering digital transformation and amplifying the business capabilities of our clientele. We have consistently demonstrated an exemplary use of Microsoft technology, earning ourselves a leading position in the market, which we are successfully augmenting year after year.

This reputable accolade comes in response to our submission of four case studies that have clearly showcased GBG’s impressive offerings and competencies, coupled with the support of a dedicated MS team.